We require every new member to live in the fraternity house for at least two years, unless scholarship or special circumstances won’t permit it.  Part of the reason you want to become a member of a fraternity is because you like the other members.  Living together helps strengthen the bonds of friendship and creates many lasting memories that our many alums carry with them forever.

Our fraternity house is The largest at Missouri State University and is very close to campus.  We offer many amenities and is as or more affordable than living in the dorms or an apartment.

Some of the amenities we have at AKΛ Beta Psi are:

  • Renovated dedicated Chapter / study room
  • Free Apple Computer use
  • Updated bathrooms
  • A lawn service that cuts the grass
  • Free washer & dryer
  • Private controlled room A/C
  • High Speed Wireless Internet throughout the house
  • 30 second walk to campus
  • Off-street parking lot
  • Billiards table
  • Theater Room
  • Large social area

Recently, in an effort to show our commitment to improving our academic performance and emphasize our scholarship ideal, we have chosen to increase our dry-house regulations.  You should understand that this means that alcohol is prohibited on chapter property, even for those members and guests who are over 21 unless arrangements have been made through MSU and AKL NHQ.

Beta Psi Corporate board suggests ALL members, regardless of living location purchase renters insurance.  It is cheap and worth the price if something happens.  Some homeowners insurance covers this. Check with your policy or parents policy if applicable.