House Damage Policy

It is expected that all members of the chapter will refrain from and report damage to the chapter house; this is not just the burden of the residents. Not living in the house and causing damage may result in expulsion from the chapter, repair fees applied to your OmegaFi account and or, involvement of the police for destruction of private property.

As of January, 2016, Resident security deposits will only be used for personal room damage. Any damage in common areas will be the responsibility of the individual(s) who caused it, or, in the event no-one admits to the damage, the cost of the repair will be equally absorbed by the full chapter membership.

As a member of AKL Beta Psi you are responsible for your actions and the actions of your guests.

Below is the Fee Schedule of common damage. Charges will be added to your Omegafi account and listed as DAMAGE FEE.

  • Broken/Missing door lock: $85.00
  • Broken Window: $325.00
  • Damaged door repair/adjusting striker:$65.00
  • Drywall hole – up to 4 inch diameter: $85.00
  • Dry wall hole large- larger than 4 inch in diameter: $120.00 MINIMUM

Damage and repairs to the house are addressed in the following order: Security & Safety items first, Appearance second, Comfort last.