The fraternity’s corporate board of directors is responsible for Alpha Kappa Lambda Beta Psi chapter governance and oversight, strategic planning, policy establishment, budget approval and supervision of the Beta Psi chapter house (via the Executive Board). It also serves as the supreme executive, legislative and judicial body of the Chapter during the times that Missouri State University is not in session.

Alpha Kappa Lambda was founded both to develop a brotherhood guided by five ideals: Judeo-Christian principles, leadership, scholarship, loyalty, and self-support and to share a lifelong commitment to Alpha Kappa Lambda. The men who honorably are members are dedicated to assuming leadership roles in meeting the challenges and responsibilities of life. The spirit of Alpha Kappa Lambda bonds those of many backgrounds, financial conditions, and private religious beliefs.

This diversity coupled with the ability to live together harmoniously is one unique aspect of Alpha Kappa Lambda. The ability to succeed individually and collectively is based upon a spirit of understanding the ideals upon which Alpha Kappa Lambda was founded.

To this point, the Corporate Board is in place to both protect the entity that is Beta Psi as well as help guide all members of Alpha Kappa Lambda, Beta Psi.