In order to gain and maintain membership to Alpha Kappa Lambda Beta Psi chapter, you are required to achieve the following requirements.  Failure in any area of the membership requirements below will result in a onetime probationary semester.  In other words, you have one semester to correct the failure and meet the requirements below.

Failure to follow the Alpha Kappa Lambda Creed can result in immediate expulsion from AKL.

New Member Dues are a PERSONAL responsibility.

Initiated Member Dues are a PERSONAL responsibility.

GPA Requirement is a PERSONAL responsibility.

Philanthropy Dollars amount is a CHAPTER responsibility

Community Services Hours is a PERSONAL number you need to attain.


Requirements Table

New Member Dues

(First Semester of membership)

Initiated Member Dues

(Each Semester following new member semester)

GPA Requirement

(One grace semester allowed)

Philanthropy Dollars

(Per School Year)

Community Service Hours

(Per Semester)

2015 Fall Pledge Class       $395       $425       2.55+  

$900 (Fall & Spring)

2016 Spring Pledge Class       $395       $425       2.6+       10
2016 Fall Pledge Class       $395       $450       2.7+  

$1,000 (Fall & Spring)

2017 Spring Pledge Class       $405       $450       2.7+       12
2017 Fall Pledge Class       $405       $450       2.7+ $1,200       12